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Main Functions of Your Human Resources Department

An efficiently-run HR department can provide your company with structure & the ability to meet your business needs, by managing your organization’s most-valuable resources- its employees. There are a number of HR areas, but Human Resource practitioners in each of these disciplines might perform more than 1 of more than 6 essential functions.

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The Different Functions

In a small business that does not have a dedicated HR department, it is possible to achieve a high level of efficiency & workforce management by outsourcing HR functions/joining a good professional employer organization. The main functions of Your Human Resources department are:

  • Recruitment- Generally, the success of employment specialists & recruiters is measured by the total number of positions that they fill & the time it takes for them to fill those positions. In-house recruiters play an important role in building the workforce & perform a number of functions such as-advertise job postings and source candidates, screen applicants and conduct preliminary interviews. They also coordinate all hiring efforts with the managers responsible for finally selecting the candidates
  • Safety– Workplace safety is a very important factor. Employers are required to provide their employees a safe working environment. One of the main functions of Your Human Resources department is to effectively support workplace safety-training & maintain federally-mandated logs for work-place injury & fatality reporting. The safety & risk specialists in the HR department also work very closely with HR benefits-specialists and manage workers compensation issues in the company
  • Employee Relations– This essentially Your Human Resources function that is concerned with forging the employer-employee relationship which helps in building a healthy work environment. They do this by measuring employee engagement, job satisfaction & resolving work-place conflict
  • Compensation & Benefits– The compensation & benefits functions in Human Resources are generally handled by 1 HR specialist who has dual expertise. With reference to compensation, HR functions are- setting compensation structures & evaluating competitive-pay practices. In addition, a comp & benefits specialist may negotiate the group health coverage-rates with the insurance company & coordinate other activities with the administrator who handles the retirement savings fund. Payroll may be component of the HR’s compensation & benefits section
  • ComplianceYour Human Resources handles compliance with labor & employment laws. Non-compliance can result in many workplace complaints which could be based on unsafe working conditions, unfair employment practices & general dissatisfaction with the working conditions- all of which can affect productivity & consequently the profitability of the company. HR staff is required to be aware of federal & state employment laws

An Important Component


Your Human Resources also provides leadership training & professional development. The former may be required of newly-hired & promoted supervisors or managers on topics including performance management and handling of employee relations matters at a departmental level. In a smaller organization, training for new hires is handled by managers or supervisors within the departments. All-in-all, HR is a very important component of any company, large or small.

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