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PEO in California for Small Businesses

With the economy slowly but surely picking up, a new pool of entrepreneurs are throwing their hat in the start-up ring. In California, many new small businesses in technology, F&B and customer care are slowly finding their feet. PEO in California is a great option for these small businesses to scale to a national level and eventually, go global! Professional Employer Organizations have been around for the last two decades and have supported businesses of all shapes and sizes, here’s how they can help your small business succeed.

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Focus on your business
As a small business owner, you likely lead a stressed and busy life, trying to meet many of your professional and personal commitments. You can find a good PEO in California to give you the support you need. Unlike a regular HR outsourcing company, a Professional Employer Organization offers a range of specialized services that will make you forget all about HR and focus solely on your business. From Employee Lifecycle Management (ELC) to Worker’s Compensation Claims to Payroll Management, companies offering PEO in California will offer you a bouquet of services for a monthly administration fee.

Further, as a new business owner, if you’re concerned about complying with laws and regulations, you don’t have to worry when you start working with a PEO in California.
PEO legal and accounts teams are great at ensuring that their clients are covered in every possible way. This is because PEOs often assume half the legal responsibility on behalf of their employees. Isn’t it great to have that kind of support when you’re in the early stages of your business? A single lawsuit can snuff the life out of a young company. Once you sign on a PEO in California, you don’t have to worry about that ever happening to you.

Hiring and retaining
PEOs also do what in-Human Resources are traditionally known for – hiring, retention and termination. Thanks to their work with numerous organizations and in-house domain experts, PEO companies are able to assess and hire the best talent in the industry. They can do this far better than you could as a busy small business owner juggling several responsibilities at once. Unless, you also happen to have specialized HR experience! Further, small businesses are hardly able to afford the kind of benefits and compensation that big companies offer talented employees. However, a PEO in California can help you find cheap deals on medical plans, worker’s compensation benefits and more.


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