Why Do You Need A Certified Payroll Service?

Why Do You Need A Certified Payroll Service?

No one will tell you that completing payroll reports is easy. In fact, most will look at you like you’re crazy for putting the words certified payroll service and easy in one sentence. It is the most time consuming, frustrating, nightmarishly difficult task you’ll ever perform. That is, if you’re not a professional.

If you’re a professional, you’ll have performed payroll reporting several hundred times and probably know the task like the back of your hand. So why opt for a professional certified payroll service?

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Why a Certified Payroll Service?

The Department of Labor here in United States offers some very simple forms for you to fill. These forms are the WH-347 and the WH-348.  These forms are very easy to understand and fill in. However, they can take over an hour to complete, and the details need to be accurate and error-free. Imagine, that’s two forms that take over an hour to complete, required for a single job with only a small group of people, to be submitted every week.

Even that sentence sounds exhausting. But there’s more. You need to file several other kinds of forms as well. These include the Fringe Benefit Report, the ARRA, and the EEOC/Work Utilization Reports. These are a very vital part of the cash flow in your project and if you don’t complete them properly and send them off, there are going to be problems.

This can we avoided if you hire a professional certified payroll service. The professionals will ensure that your reports across the board are accurate and error-free. They’ll ensure that your reports are never rejected and your employees get their wages on time, without any problems.

Reports can Be Rejected

If the reports aren’t accurate and include all the details, they can be rejected. If they are, you have the option of resubmitting them before the stipulated deadline. You need to rewrite the form and submit it within that stipulated deadline otherwise you might have to wait for several days before you get the payment.

In many situations, you might need to wait for a month or more before you get the payment, and that can lead to delays. A delay in employee payment can draw other consequences as well. These things can hurt your reputation and disrupt the cash flow from top to bottom.

A Certified Payroll Service Will Help you Avoid These Problems

If you hire a certified payroll service, you don’t need to worry about the weekly payroll service. These professionals will ensure that the payrolls are accurately calculated and ready to submit to the general contractor, employer, project manager, or anyone else you might need to submit the reports too. If the reports are submitted on time, there are no related delays. The cash flow works smoothly and you don’t need to worry about spending hours every week preparing the reports.

A certified payroll service can also easily automate the payroll so you don’t need to seek out a professional week after week for the same job.

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