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With so many local PEO companies vying for business; companies can have their pick. But there are hundreds of organizations offering Professional Employer services, how do you choose the right one for your business? Making the right choice can be difficult, but with the following tips to help you in your search you should be able to make the right match.

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Deal Makers
Depending on where your business is based and how far it is spread out, you will have to find the company that can cover all your employees. Many PEO companies work across several states and even countries, however several do work within restricted geographic boundaries. This is an important fact to take into consideration before making your decision.

PEO companies
offer a range of services that make it easy for businesses to focus on their core competencies. Their services range from payroll management, workforce automation, insurance coverage, benefits management and more. While outsourcing to these companies save businesses thousands of dollars each year, PEO companies do come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them charge higher fees for services with lots of frills, such as customized product packages, high technology automation services and more. You will have to ask for an estimate on all their services with a break-up and full disclosure of their administrative fees, including taxes, right at the outset.

Software and service
If your budgets permit, you might be open to paying for services that deploy technology and software, leading to seamless management. However, technology for processes like workforce management and payroll management are constantly evolving. You should ensure that your business gets the latest and best technology. Check with different PEO companies about their technology and software investment and policy. Also, you may want to ensure that all their applications work well as a single unified system for your company. Companies use a software application called Human Resources System Management (HRSM), you can also take a demo of this product to check if it’ll work for you.

Last but not the least, the biggest advantage that PEO companies can offer businesses is their bargaining power with medical insurance providers, worker’s compensation carriers and others; thanks to the sheer scale of the business the companies offer various carriers. However, you will have to ensure that the medical plans, insurance and other benefits they offer your employees is adequate and good enough. Let’s not forget the ‘human’ in human resources when it comes to outsourcing.


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