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Main Functions of LA County Human Resources

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An efficiently-run LA County Human Resources can bring structure to your organization and will help you meet your business goals. This department manages the most valuable assets of your company- its employees. Many people are under the impression that this department only handles recruitment and exist formalities when employees are leaving the company.


Various Functions

The truth is that this is a very multi-faceted department and it handles a number of functions. While larger organizations have their own in-house LA County Human Resources department, smaller companies will not have this staff. Many of these companies then outsource this function to a third party. The key functions that this department performs are:

  • Recruitment- Typically, the success of LA County Human Resources staff is measured on the basis of the number of office positions they fill in as well as the time taken to fill in these positions. The HR staff advertises positions, conducts interviews and then recruits the best and most suitable people for a particular position
  • Safety– Safety in the workplace is a very important factor in any organization. It is the duty of the employers to provide their staff a safe working environment. LA County Human Resources conducts safety training and maintains all the required logs for fatality reporting and workplace injuries
  • Employee Relations– This particular function is engaged in helping strengthen employer-employee relationships; this helps in building a very healthy workplace- they monitor factors such as job satisfaction, employee engagement and help in  resolving workplace conflicts
  • Compensation & Benefits– Typically, one person in the HR department of a company handles this particular function. The department as a whole sets the compensation structures & evaluates competitive pay practices. In many instances, handling payroll functions may also be part of the HR department’s job
  • Compliance– The Human Resources department also handles the compliance aspects related to the existing labor and employment laws. Not falling in line with these laws can result in numerous workplace complaints. This may be based on factors such as unsafe working conditions, overall dissatisfaction with the functioning of the company and work conditions etc. HR personnel also have to be aware of the federal as well as state employment laws

Other Functions

In addition to all these things, LA County Human Resources also provides effective professional development and leadership training. In many instances, they will also handle and conduct training sessions for new hires and will ensure that the new employees are aware of all the workings of the organization.

A Crucial Role

They conduct employee satisfaction surveys and make every effort to ensure that the employees are happy with the conditions in their workplace. When you look at all these functions that the HR department of a company performs, it becomes clear that they have a very crucial role to play in the working of a company. They have to be knowledgeable, have excellent people management skills, be able to handle irate employees and liaise in a skilled manner with staff and management.

Employers Resource helps every business at all stages with growth and development. Find out more! Call us today at (800) 559-2350.

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