Keith J. Kuznitz, COO

Keith Kuznitz has more than twenty years of management and executive experience. He graduated from San Diego State University in 1988 with an emphasis in Strategic Planning and International Business.

Prior to joining Employers Resource, he worked in the automotive and oil industries.

Keith has worked for Employers Resource since 1998 and is now serving as the chief operations officer. Prior to his current position, he acted as payroll manager at which time he achieved his Certification as a Payroll Preparer (C.P.P.) Currently he oversees all aspects of the payroll, human resources, claims administration, benefits administration, and 401(k) departments. In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, Keith also acts as the client representative for involvement with administrative hearings concerning various governmental agencies.

Keith previously owned and operated his own business in Phoenix, AZ before relocating to San Diego. His prior business experience has been invaluable to his daily interaction with the client base in all facets of client management and client relations.

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