Jack Eaton, President

Jack Eaton graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Accounting from San Diego State University. Jack has 19 years of Human Resources executive experience with Employers Resource. His career accomplishments extend to the acquisitions of freedom Business Solutions and Full Time Solutions, PEO firms which broadened the client base for white collar business within Employers Resource. His foresight into industry expansion extended to the development of one the first PEO/ASO companies in California to develop their health and benefits brokerage firms and design specialized breakout Service Models for clients in all industries.

Prior to his migration into the PEO/human resources industry he had a successful management background in the client service industry. Jack has encouraged his staff to work in partnership within the industry to create strategic alliances, which has afforded Employers Resource the ability to step outside the boundaries of traditional competition between providers. He was a Little League Coach for both of his sons’ baseball teams and extends his strong family values to every member of the Employers Resource team.

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