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Difficult Human Resources Questions

Small business owners are often faced with the task of handling HR themselves and often faced with difficult human resources questions. Due to budget constraints, they’re unable to hire an HR specialist and due to shortage of time these passionate owners are unable to devote as much time to understanding the potential consequences of wrong HR-related decision making.

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We understand you don’t have the time to sift through reams of information or papers on Human Resources to understand the subject. So here are three solutions to three possible common human resources questions that small business owners may be faced with.

I can’t afford good salary & benefits, but I need talented employees, should I lie about it in my job advert just to get them into the office?

As far as possible, you should present a truthful picture of the job in your ad. You don’t have to mention potential problems but highlight the great things about the job, without exaggerating them.
This is a frequently heard among human resources questions and most employers think this is not a big dilemma. Especially small owners who are passionate about their business and think once the candidate comes in for the interview you can ‘sell’ the job to him or her. This is highly unethical because you’re wasting the time of the candidate and luring her to a meeting with the promise of a well-paying job. Also, you never know what compulsions the applicant may have. Perhaps he is in debt and needs good pay or could use the good Medicare carrier. Besides, it’s not just about human resources questions and ethical dilemmas, federal and state laws protect customers against false adverts and you may find yourself in the court if you use false advertising!

I know my business isn’t going anywhere, should I let my employees know?

One of the hardest human resources questions that small business owners may face. Their head tells them that their business prospects do not look good but they want to keep trying and giving it their all. However, they can’t do this without their employees. What should they do? As hard as it may be the right answer is to disclose the real situation to your employees. Even if you don’t, the few employees who do know about it, such as your accounts department, may ‘leak’ the information. Some human resources questions don’t have comforting answers and this is one of them. Tell them the truth and give them a choice. If they stick around, you won’t have it on your conscience!

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