Human Resource Questions

Answers to Tough Human Resource Questions 

Managers, supervisors and small business owners often face HR-related dilemmas – tough human resource questions that don’t seem to have easy answers. The post-industrial world and the knowledge economy give great importance to qualities like justice, fairness and equality. More often than not, difficult situations need to be carefully thought through by people in authority. Even if, an individual did not have high moral and ethical standards, there’s always that potential law suit that
can catch up with him!

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Let’s talk a look at some of these human resource questions and possible solutions.

Misleading ads & discriminatory recruiting

As the economy picks up, talented acquisition is becoming expensive and difficult. But not all businesses have received bigger budgets on hiring. It can be tempting to write ads that somewhat glorify the position in question. But this is among the most important human resource questions that need to be answered. As long as you present the job and all the good things about it in the ad, the good things which are true that is, it’s okay. But misleading ads that promise more than the job can deliver is an unethical practice.

Discriminatory hiring also frequently features among difficult human resource questions. Sometimes, you may interview a candidate who’s well qualified but you may have a former colleague you’ve worked with before and would enjoy having around the office. Should you tell your former colleague to apply for the job, if you’re in a position to influence his application? Absolutely not! Discriminatory hiring is not only unethical, it’s also illegal.

Honesty about company’s future

So you know that you’re company isn’t doing that well. In fact, you have no idea where it’s going to go. But you’ve been asked to screen and interview candidates. Certainly, this one’s among the toughest of human resource questions. What are you going to do when the applicant asks you about the future of the company? Should you be honest? Should you hide the truth? The straight answer if to tell the truth. However, you must also present the alternate picture. If the business survives, what does the applicant get for taking a chance and joining the organization? That could help you hire a talented employee who’s not averse to taking risks.

Those were a couple of difficult human resource questions and we’ve answered them the best possible way. Hope you enjoyed reading and hope you do the right thing when faced with these dilemmas!

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