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3 Important HR Questions for Small Businesses

Small businesses have many HR questions and often don’t know where to turn for answers. They struggle with human resource issues. Hiring and retaining the right talent is not easy. Besides, managing all the HR-related tasks such as payroll & benefits, and other areas like motivation & development, are complex and need special attention.

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Here are some common questions with brief but useful answers for businesses struggling with HR questions.

How to offer great compensation packages?
Small businesses often struggle when it comes to offering their employees the same great benefits that many great benefits and compensation packages big businesses are able to afford. One of the most common HR questions in the minds of small business owners is how can I retain my best people, who are often the most talented and the most frequently poached employees! Outsourcing your HR tasks, including securing compensation benefits, to a PEO can greatly improve the kind of benefits and advantages you can offer your employees. PEOs negotiate compensation packages for a large number of ‘collective’ employees, of their various clients and carry greater clout with service providers and carriers of health and other benefits.

How to ensure safety of employees?
This is among the most important HR questions because any injury, disability or harm caused to your employees at work or during work (outside the work place) could make you liable to a lawsuit. A simple and easy solution is to routinely hand our safety instructions in both printed and digital form. This is especially important if your place of business carries risks such as dangerous equipment or even the kitchen of a café! Also conduct safety-training programs at regular intervals.

Hiring professional HR staff?
Often small business owners do not understand the important of HR specialists until they start carrying out the duties themselves. Whether it posting jobs, screening applicants or terminating a contract, these can all be tricky tasks to carry out. Among the many HR questions small business owners have is about hiring HR staff. It is almost up to you to weigh the costs and benefits of hiring a top-notch HR expert. Sometimes, they will help streamline your processes so well, that they’re well worth the cost. However, businesses with fewer than 150 employees must consider outsourcing their HR needs to PEOs or similar organizations. This is more cost effective and is also the answer to many difficult HR questions that small business owners face! PEOs take care of many complex HR tasks for an administrative fee and maybe just what your business needs.

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