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6 Ways You Can Outsource Your HR Functions to an External Company

When it comes to outsourcing your human resources functions, it doesn’t always have to be an all-or- nothing decision. There are different aspects of personnel management functions. You can do some of them in-house and outsource others. When it comes to choosing a HR Outsourcing Company, it is recommended to determine what parts of your HR functions need to be outsourced or whether you want to outsource if completely. There are different type of HR functions that an HR outsourcing agency can conduct. Here are some of the functions that you may want to outsource individually:how-to-hr-outsourcing

1. Payroll Management

When you outsource your payroll management to an HR Outsourcing Company they will provide you flexible techniques for data submission. It can address many aspects of the function including:

  • Cutting checks
  • Tracking staff time off
  • Submission of tax data
  • Preparation of custom reports
  • Even garnishment expenses

2. Hiring

Hiring is an important HR function. Hiring new employees and training them requires significant investment in time, efforts and resources. You will have to create and publish job advertisements to ensure that the right candidates are attracted. Then hundreds of applications have to be sorted out and finalists have to be interviewed. You will also have to ensure that the right offer is made. But the right HR Outsourcing Company can help in handling all aspects of hiring so that your HR department can focus on other day-to- day functions.

3. Benefits Management

  • You can also hire the services of a HR Outsourcing Company to manage your organization’s benefits plans. This includes:
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Disability programs

There are many complex compliance requirements, and it makes more sense to outsource this aspect of your organization’s HR functions to an accomplished external agency.

4. Employee Assistance Program

Most organizations want to find an alternative to the function of counseling their employees at personal levels. An HR Outsourcing Companycan make these tasks easier by providing access to experienced and qualified counselors. Your staff can seek advice on a wide range of problems including:

  • Personal issues
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues

5. Wellness Programs

If your employees remain healthy, they are going to cost you less in terms of health care premiums. They will also help in boosting your organization’s productivity. An HR Outsourcing Company can provide wellness programs that help ensure that your staff remains healthier for longer.

6. Conducting Background Checks

This is one aspect of the HR function that many organizations want to outsource. An HR Outsourcing Company can have all the resources and expertise for conducing in-depth background checks. They can carry out investigations at different levels including:

  • dentity verification
  • Confirming educational qualifications and employment history
  • Search of any criminal background
  • They may also be asked to check credit reports.

7. Employee Relocation

Staff relocation can be a daunting and time consuming task for your HR personnel. But with the help of the right HR Outsourcing Company, you can have all aspects of a relocation handled efficiently and effectively. They can arrange for everything associated with shipping the employee and managing their residence in the new place. Thus, you can opt to outsource all functions of your HR department to an HR agency or only a few of the processes.

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