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Different Types of HR Issues

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Every Human Resources team faces problems in running their department as well as in consistent enforcement of the company policies in general. Here are some common HR issues and the manner in which they can be addressed:

  • Retention– Many people feel that the primary task of the HR is sourcing & employing new recruits. However, the fact is that most Human Resource activities are focused on retaining the existing talent. Employees are essentially the lifeblood of a company; they provide skills as well as the experience needed to keep the productivity levels up. Every company spends a lot of money and time in ensuring that high levels of productivity are maintained at all times and the HR’s main job is to protect this particular asset.


Employee retention is a very fine balancing act between remuneration, work culture & incentives. The company’s HR department has to be able to provide every employee the perfect combination of these 3 aspects, even as they keep the company’s interests in view at all times. They have to maintain perfect records of all these combinations to make sure that all the employees are getting the agreed packages

  • Recruitment– In most companies this is one of the major HR issues. They are in constant efforts to hire new employees. This could be to add to the existing workforce or for replacement of staff that has been lost on account of standard attrition. They have to find new staff which has the right mix of personality, skills and motivation, which can become a very challenging task.


Regardless of whether the HR department is handling recruitment by itself or in tandem with a third party recruiter, they have to ensure that the process moves forth in a seamless manner

  • Productivity- Once the HR department sorts the headcount issue; they then have to focus on productivity levels to make sure that the company is operating at the highest levels of efficiency. One of the biggest HR issues is when they are not able to deal with low productivity. They have to be able to ascertain whether this problem is a result or poor working conditions/ lack of resources.


They identify this by carrying out a T&M (Time and Motion) study. This helps define who is doing what, and why. This study is then used in identifying potential efficiency gains; it also paves the path for capital investment in the future to help improve conditions & productivity

Smooth Operations

In addition to these HR issues, the department also handles training and ensures that the new recruits come up to speed once they have moved through training and into the production environment. Many small businesses also make use of various software programs to handle these HR issues or any others that surface along the way.

This ensures that the business runs in a smooth manner, which in turn helps the company’s profitability. While larger corporates have very large Human Resources departments, smaller companies don’t really have a specific department that handles these tasks.

Employers Resource helps every business at all stages with growth and development. Find out more! Call us today at (800) 559-2350.

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