HR for small business

HR for small business

So, you’ve started your own business. Everything’s going well. The registration process went off without a hitch, the business plan seems to working and so on, until you start hiring people and realize that HR for small business can get pretty complicated!

Thankfully, we have some ideas to ensure that HR processes at your business go smoothly. Here are some exclusive suggestions and tips on HR for small business. Employers Resource helps every business at all stages with growth and development. Find out more! Call us today!


Maintaining HR documents

If you outsource your HR needs to an external HR team at PEO, they will ensure that all the files and relevant documents on your employees are maintained well. But if you’ve decided that HR for small business is manageable and you’ve set out to do it yourself, that’s one of things you must do. First of all, ensure that you maintain a file of I-9s on all your employees.

The I-9 is an employee eligibility verification document that all businesses must maintain. One of the responsibilities of the HR for small business is to make sure that this file is available to be inspected by government officials at short notice. If you provide your employees with health insurance coverage, do make sure that you maintain a health record file of your employees. You don’t have to create any of the documents that need to go into the file, just take print outs or forms that are related to your employee’s health and put them into the file. For instance, application for an insurance claim, sick leave requests, doctors’ notes requesting for leave of absence etc. Just start a dedicated file for this purpose and begin to collect all the relevant documents. Once, every months, review the file. You can also assign one of your administrative employees to do this.

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