How to De-stress at Work

How to De-stress at Work
26 Jun 2015

Levels of workplace #stress are at an all time high these days. This takes a toll not just on individual #employees, but on the #business as well. Here are some tips on de-stressing at work:

  1. Take a 2 minute break at your desk- stop working and take a few deep breaths or look at calming pictures of your favorite place
  2. Stand up and stretch– the extra blood flow will help you refocus
  3. Keep essentials like water and snacks close at hand- staying hydrated and keeping your stomach happy are essential to having a good day at work
  4. Write a to-do list- it keeps you organized and helps you feel more in control of your day-to-day tasks
  5. Listen to your favorite music as you work– it will help distract your mind from worrying

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