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About the Company: Employers-Resource, Est 1989, based in Southern California.

Employers Resource, Inc., previously known as Employers Resource is an American provider of Human Resource outsourcing solutions. It is also a provider of Employee Health Benefits, Workers Compensation Insurances and Digital Payment Services.

Employers Resource is an HR Services and Human Resources Outsourcing Solutions Company located in Southern California. Employers Resource has been operating in the Human Resources Services industry for over 25 years is considered one of the pioneers of the Professional Employer Organization business model, or commonly known as a (PEO). Employers Resource two southern California offices are located in Orange and San Diego County and with a main focus on local businesses and personal interaction.

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The HR services and Human Resources Outsourcing industry has many major players. Companies such as ADP (Automated Data Processing), Tri-Net PEO, Emplicity PEO, Insperity PEO, and Oasis PEO have secured marketshare in the Human Resource Solutions arena, however, Employers Resource was one of the original pioneers of the PEO model and continued to pave the way of innovation within the HR Services space.


Employers Resource has modeled the slogan “We mange your most valuable asset” since 1989

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