Government Employee Benefits

Types of Government Employee Benefits

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Job security, excellent government employee pay, a number of government employee benefits, and an outstanding retirement system are some of the key reasons that a number of people prefer government employment. While some people consider other careers as there could be some desirable travel opportunities, diverse occupations, training availability as well the chance to locate jobs across the country and overseas, many still prefer federal job appointments. Take a look at some of the major government employee benefits:

  • Health & Life Insurance– All employees are eligible for medical health plans & Government Employees’ Group Life Insurance programs. The FEHB- Federal Employees Health Benefits plan is essentially an employee and employer contribution- system which includes a fee-for-service, point-of-service, consumer-driven & HMO options. Its costs are very reasonable & the coverage excellent.


In addition, the federal government also offers very good government employee benefits in the form of vision and dental care under its FEDVIP- Federal Employees Dental & Vision Insurance Program. This particular coverage is available from different healthcare providers, is extremely competitive in pricing and has high as well as standard options.

FEGLI– The Federal Government in the U.S established this Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program on 29 August 1954. This is the world’s largest group life insurance program and covers in excess of 4M Federal employees & retirees, and a number of their family members.

Most federal employees are eligible for the FEGLI coverage. This provides group term-life insurance. It doesn’t build-up any cash-value/paid-up value. It has Basic life insurance coverage & 3 options. In most instances, if you’re a new Federal employee, then you will be automatically covered by the Basic life insurance. Your payroll office then deducts premiums from the monthly paycheck you get, unless you actually waive the coverage. Apart from the Basic, there are 3 forms of Optional insurance that you can elect.

  • Retirement System– Currently, the federal retirement system is based on:
  • Social Security contributions- the annuity based on 1% for each year of the service, times your 3 highest earning years
  • Social Security offset in case you meet certain conditions
  • Employee contribution system that is fashioned after the 401k-defined contribution plan. You can opt to contribute upto 15% of your salary into a THRIFT-savings 401k plan. The government then matches your contributions
  • Employees receive 1% automatically & they match the next 3% contributed by the employee & 50-cents/dollar for the next 2% contributed. So, if you contribute a minimum of 5%, the government matches 5%
  • New hires should also consider contributing a minimum of 5% to receive a 5% match from the government

The contributions are also tax-deferred & they reduce the taxable income by the actual amount contributed. Also, the retirement benefit is calculated by the amount that is accumulated during the career of the employee

Very Good Government Employee Benefits

These are just some of the government employee benefits which makes this employment   much sought-after in the United States. But most of these benefits are available only to people who have been in the employ of the Federal government for a certain period of time.

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