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Employers Resource helps every business at all stages of growth and development offering Employee Benefits, Payroll Services, Human Resource Compliance, Workers’ Compensation, and Full Service HR Packages! Want to find out more? Call us today at (800) 559-2350! Let’s take some weight off your back.


Tasks such as payroll and tax administration, HR management, safety management, employee benefits administration, immigration compliance, etc. are usually seen as a mundane but necessary part of running a business. Companies that provide support in these services function as an Employers resource Management Company.

What are the services offered by Employers resource Management Companies?

1. Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)
It deals with human resource issues like compliance with federal and state employment laws. Recommendations could be made on filing, documentation, policies and procedures. Employee handbooks could be updated. Also more serious problems like separation and harassment issues are dealt with.

2. Risk management
Risk management services provide job-site safety and compliance. They direct safety meetings and training. They could also provide Cal-OSHA compliance assistance and worksite safety inspections. Lastly, they could create a customized injury and illness prevention program.

3. Workers’ compensation insurance
Having the right workers’ compensation policy and risk management program is imperative to protect you and your employees. It could even add value to the company’s competitive pricing advantage and bottom line.
Services provided could be;
• Maintaining and administering the workers’ compensation policy.
• Researching best pricing
• Assisting with year-end audits
• Providing monthly premium reports
• Managing certificates and other requests
• Ensuring payrolls are allocated according to the correct compensation codes.
• Assisting with Waiver of Subrogation and Wrap projects tracking

4. Claim Management
This service is in the event of any employees getting injured on the job, a team would arrange care for the injured employee , and protect the company’s interests as well.
It would include:
• Ensuring injured employee gets required notices.
• Setting up referrals to medical providers.
• Documentation for all OSHA-required injury information
• Updating of changes to medical provider networks
• Acting as liaison between injured worker, medical physician and insurance company.
• Providing Cal-OSHA compliance assistance

What are the advantages for companies who partner with Employers resource Management Companies?

1. Downsizing and cost cutting
Companies can take advantage of the economies of scale and work on a lean model that ultimately translates into reduced costs.

2. Focus on business
It takes away the burden of employee administration and creates room to allow people to concentrate on the most important task, which is running the business and making profits.

3. Provides reduced liabilities
The responsibility of recruitment and screening of new employees in compliance with California’s stringent state and federal right-to-work regulations is taken care of. Checking and verification of employees for immigration law compliance is taken care of.

4. Hiring and recruitment
Hiring and firing employees are an ongoing job. Finding the right candidate is often time-consuming. Companies that employ Employers resource Management Companies can rest assured that the best talent is being sourced for them

5. Access to group insurance and other benefits
Companies can have access to the latest and best options in Benefit Administration packages and can avail of group discounts and other incentives.

With Employers resource Management Companies as an equal partner, companies can now look to expand their boundaries and take on new challenges in a competitive marketplace.

Employers Resource helps every business at all stages with growth and development. Find out more! Call us today at (800) 559-2350.

Ranked #1 HR Services in Orange County and San Diego, Employers Resource will take your company to the next level of success! Just give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you!

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