August 2015
Posted at: 19 Aug 2015
Summer reads

#summer is almost over, but there’s still time for a #good #book! Here’s a list that might help you further your professional #career Marketing courtesy of

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Posted at: 13 Aug 2015
You can’t spell “HERO” without “HR”

Here at Employer’s Resource, we like to think of ourselves as #protectors of the most valuable asset to any #company- the #employees. Visit our website and see how we can #help you with all your #HR needs! Marketing courtesy of

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Posted at: 03 Aug 2015
Not a morning person?

Sitting up to hit the snooze button is your only form of #morning #exercise? Have trouble conversing like a normal human before noon? Here are a few tips and benefits to becoming a morning #person Social Marketing courtesy of

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July 2015
Posted at: 31 Jul 2015
The Real Facts of Orange County

We love having an office located in Orange County, CA! From popular TV shows like The #OC to reality series like The Real Housewives of Orange County, this area has been made famous over theyears. As residents of this beautiful county, we have the real insight intowhat the OC is all about. Here are some interesting facts: – Among the famous natives of the OC, John Wayneis one

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Posted at: 23 Jul 2015
Fun Facts About Summer

#summer is finally here! While you’re slathering on #sunscreen and heading out to the #beach, ponder these #fun facts about everyone’s favorite season!   1. The first day of summer is called the summer solstice, which is Latin for sun stand still.   2.While we try to beat the heat in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere.   3. You’ll hear the term “The Dog

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Posted at: 13 Jul 2015
Social Media Facts

We all know that #socialmediais an important part of our modern day lives, but just how absorbed in thevirtual world are we? Here are some facts about social media that may make youwant to put down the smartphone and get outside. 82% of women believe that social media influences how we define beauty 73% of people believe they would panic if they lost their smartphone 23% of Facebook

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Posted at: 06 Jul 2015
Did your 4th go off with a bang?

The #4thofJuly is a time for prime #fireworks displays. Wondering what cities had the best show?Here’s a list of productions that really popped:  Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular- Boston, MA KaboomTown- Dallas, TX Fair St. Louis- St. Louis, MO Lights on the Lake, Lake Tahoe, CA National Mall Independence Day Celebration- Washington D.C.  Social Marketing courtesy of WebVisable

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June 2015
Posted at: 26 Jun 2015
How to De-stress at Work

Levels of workplace #stress are at an all time high these days. This takes a toll not just on individual #employees, but on the #business as well. Here are some tips on de-stressing at work: Take a 2 minute break at your desk- stop working and take a few deep breaths or look at calming pictures of your favorite place Stand up and stretch– the extra blood

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Posted at: 22 Jun 2015
5 Uses of Time Saved by a PEO / HRO

Great Article Repost By Rob Blunt of the PEO Consulting Group! 5 Uses of Time Saved by a PEO/HRO… Last week I was doing some web training for a PEO using my Employee Lifecycle Value Sales approach and software, and one of the newer sales folks in the session asked for an explanation of the difference between the “cost of time” number and the “value

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Posted at: 10 Jun 2015
How To Be a Good Boss

Want To Be a Good Boss? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Make It Happen! Need help managing your company? Employers Resource can help! We offer Employee Benefits, Payroll Services, Human Resource Compliance, Workers’ Compensation, and Full Service HR Packages! Want to find out more? Call us today at (800) 559-2350! Let’s take some weight off your back, and get you on track to being a good boss! 1.

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June 2015

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