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An HR department helps in structuring your company in a better way and will also help you meet your business needs. Affordable HR Services manage the most-valuable resources of your organization- its employees. There are many Human Resources areas; however HR practitioners may perform more than 1 of various functions.

The 6 primary Functions

For a small business which doesn’t have a dedicated Human Resources department, it’s possible to achieve a very high-level of efficiency as well as workforce management by opting for outsourced, Affordable HR Services. The main functions that they will handle for you are:

  • Recruitment- Typically, the success of the recruiters & employment specialists is measured by the positions which are filled by them & the amount of time it takes them to fill-in those positions. Affordable HR Services have recruitment specialists who help you build your workforce. They also perform various functions including:


  • Advertising job postings & sourcing candidates
  • Screening applicants
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Coordinating hiring efforts with the concerned managers, for final selection of the candidates


  • Safety– Regardless of how small or big your company is, workplace safety is of utmost importance. It’s the responsibility of the business owners to ensure that they provide a safe working environment for all the people who work there. The personnel who provide HR Services will also:


  • Maintain mandated logs (as per the federal government rules),for work-place injury as well as fatality reporting
  • Safety and risk specialists work closely with the specialists that handle HR benefits
  • They manage all workers compensation issues in your company
  • Employee Relations– This is a key function of Affordable HR Services. They help forge employer-employee relationships- this helps in building a very healthy work environment. This is done by:
  • Measuring job satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • Resolving work-place conflict
  • Compensation & Benefits– An HR services specialist will also handle compensation & benefits functions. This person has dual expertise. In this aspect, their function is:
  • Setting compensation structures
  • Evaluating competitive pay practices
  • Negotiating group medical coverage rates with the insurer
  • Coordinating other activities with a company administrator who handles all the retirement savings fund functions
  • Payroll may also be a component of this section


  • Compliance– These personnel will also handle compliance with existing labor & employment laws. Non-compliance results in workplace complaints. These may be based on:
  • Unsafe working conditions
  • General dissatisfaction with the working conditions
  • Unfair employment practices

Making an Impact

All these things can have a negative impact on the productivity & profitability of your company. The company you hire for Affordable HR Services has to be aware of federal as well as all the state employment laws. In addition to all these things, the people who provide HR services will help with training & professional development. In short, HR Services help you manage a number of functions that go a long way in keeping things on track within your organization.

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